Salamalek Tojikiston (Hello Tajikistan)!

Largely unexplored today, Tajikistan is part of the Silk Road. A country with endless dramatic landscapes and rivers drizzling down from the melting glaciers of the Pamir mountains.

Tajikistan is closely bordered by Afghanistan, separated only by a river, most of the way along the Pamir Highway to the narrow Wakhan Corridor also know as the Roof of the World.

People travel to “The land of the Tajiks” for the gorgeous landscapes and abundance of open spaces and greenery: some travel by bike, others are there for trekking and climbing. However, the heart and soul of this country consists of its people and their hospitality.

There are many preconceived notions about countries ending with ‘…stan’, especially one that borders so closely with Afghanistan. Not to mention a country with a muslim population. Gasp!

What we found were people with an incredible heart and tolerance. Women dressed in traditional and modern fashion living together in close knit communities. People going out of their way to understand and help us – even though we don’t speak Tajik or Russian. And people who like to dance – so much!

During this trip, we also saw glimpses of beautiful Afghanistan across the river, a place stuck in time with traditional huts and nearly no electricity or modern infrastructures. We bathed in hot springs, ate countless apricots, drank too much chai, rode yaks, danced to Tajik music, and we came back with incredible memories, legendary stories and a flower Rubob (local guitar).

We hope you enjoy this video as much as we liked making it.

Rahmat Tojikiston (Thank you Tajikistan)!