Mauritian Tamarind Rice (Poulisadon) – A Step-by-Step guide

If you have never eaten tamarind rice before, boy you are in for a treat!

Tamarind rice or Poulisadon as it is commonly called in Mauritius is a vegetarian meal that is usually prepared during the religious fast. Poulisadon is usually accompanied by an eggplant dish, greens, coriander chutney and hot tamarind sizzling peppers. I couldn’t find any peppers for this time but all the other fixings are here and my, are they good!

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Mauritian Egg Rougaille

This is the perfect dinner to make when your pantry is as empty as your stomach.

The rougaille is a traditional recipe from Mauritius and Reunion island. Reunion island is famously known for its “rougaille saucisse” but the rougaille has been part of Mauritian cuisine forever.

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Ti Carri (Gizzard Curry)

In the coming posts, I will be presenting a series of recipes using Sundaram Spices spice blends. Let me present to you the 2nd dish of the series: the traditional Mauritian Ti Carri, or liver and gizzard curry.

Ti-Carri is a highly spiced dish and finds its origins in South India. Influenced by the mosaic Mauritian culture, it has evolved into the preparation of chicken or lamb liver & gizzard.

The Sundaram Spices Ti-Carri  is the traditional spice blend for preparing this dish.


What you will need:

The gizzard and liver has been lightly marinated with crushed ginger & garlic and salt.

I have added 2 hard boiled eggs so as to give it a better depth and rich flavor.

Even if you are not a big “insides” eater, this dish is worth the exception. It is soooooo flavorful and tastes absolutely delicious.


Though Ti Carri is traditionally part of the main course at Tamil wedding dinners in Mauritius, it can be served as an excellent stand-alone entrée in a buffet. Or a simple dinner paired with some baguette and a light green salad. However you decide to savor this humble dish, I hope you find it as comforting and delicious as I do.



PS. Many of you are asking me where you can purchase Sundaram Spices? If you are in Mauritius, you can get it at any of these locations here. If you are outside of Mauritius, you can purchase some of the blends on Christie’s shop or on the Sundaram Spices website soon (in progress).

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